Its in the details.

When I write in here, i feel like im writing to him. Getting it all out. I haven't been writing because most of the time im not sure even trying to get closure to something you cant is healthy. I try to pretend it never happened. UNTIL it pops up everywhere. Every single little part... Continue Reading →


It’s not that hard.

It's kind of a requirement to be kind to the person you're seeing. Heres what i know: -If they hold things over your head to be right- they don't love you. -If they bring up things from the past that have been sorted out just because they don't want what they did to be wrong-... Continue Reading →

Not for facebook.

What happened to you, happened to you. Not anyone else. Other people could have been effected. But no one will ever understand. Maybe, while you're physically broken and still have bruises people will be angry about what happened. They will be nice to you. Be kind to you. Not push your triggers. Pay attention to... Continue Reading →

I’m an onion.

I talked before about about PTSD having so many layers. Its not just simply "fear" its so much. It comes and it goes. I'm watching Dancing With The Stars, and it hits me. That layer starts to peel back, that dark cloud comes. I cant write what happened in my head. It's very graphic and... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you something. I used to have a best friend. Probably and literally inseparable for 7 or so years. I was with her so much I called her my boyfriend. She was my laughter, my joy, my stability. I could always count her on her to be here for me. We were inseparable.... Continue Reading →

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