Let me tell you something.
I used to have a best friend. Probably and literally inseparable for 7 or so years.
I was with her so much I called her my boyfriend.
She was my laughter, my joy, my stability. I could always count her on her to be here for me. We were inseparable.

Until, that is. He got out of jail.

What happened, happened. But in the end, she made the decision to be his friend. Not just friend. Best friend. Over me. He tried to murder to me. And where can you find her? Being best friends out and about with him.  I cannot tell you how much its broken my heart. How much I struggle not having that best friend, that stability, that constant anymore. What kind of person would do this to someone? Not a good one. Maybe an unintelligent person.

Ive kept my mouth shut for a long time. Its her choice. Its significantly changed my life. Its just insane to me because people. PEOPLE. People are unstable, and insecure, and unpredictable, and I have a huge problem getting close to anyone since this has happened. I dont know if i’ll ever recover. I mean, its easy to say “oh eff so and so, im moving on, i’m fabulous, i hate you.” and what not. But its not reality. We are meant for companions. Humans need humans.

The love of my life whom i trusted with my life, tried to take it.
And my best friend, my only stability in this world took his friendship and threw me away.
With a smile. They take pictures together. They do not care. Its disgusting.
And this comes about because she was literally liking my ptsd recovery photos, when you will find ‘super best friend’ pictures with the man who ruined my life on her page. Absolutely disgusting.


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