“People who kill themselves are an embarrassment.”

That’s all you said when I shut you out. You will not stand here and talk that way about SUFFERING HUMANS. I have you saying this on video as well.

Suicide happens because of pain. Mostly, pain caused from some other source. Person.
They don’t feel like there is any hope. They don’t feel like there is anyone. They feel alone, and that they will suffer until they end it. ITS A TRAGEDY.

You are one of them. The bullies. The judgers. The label makers. The person who tells you how you ARE. A whore. That is usually the word. You are the person that laughs at the pain of someone’s suffering. You will will never feel sorry for what you did, judged, or said, until they are gone. Taking their own life because they couldn’t LIVE with what you were doing to them. Do you think a person’s LIFE isn’t worth more than your jokes?  More than your Gossip? Because anyone in pain enough to take their life, to RUIN the lives of their families, is an embarrassment , right?

Its the most disgusting thing ive ever heard. That bullying to to the point of suicide is embarrassing. To say that a person hurting SO MUCH they ended their life to be at peace, is an embarrassment. I don’t know how to help you.

Maybe just out the door.
Maybe you’ll come home to find the woman you love dead.
How would you feel? Embarrassed?
Or that its your fault. And you should have listened.
Maybe you could saved her life.
Maybe you could have made her felt loved and important.

Maybe your heart will break.
Or maybe it’s just an embarrassment.





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