Not for facebook.

What happened to you, happened to you. Not anyone else. Other people could have been effected. But no one will ever understand. Maybe, while you’re physically broken and still have bruises people will be angry about what happened. They will be nice to you. Be kind to you. Not push your triggers. Pay attention to the things they do around you. Not want to scare you.
But time happens.
Everyone moves on with their lives.
They have their own problems. They have their own life that’s going on and slowly, what happened to you will start to not matter anymore.
It happened to you.
You will be all you have years later.
Hardest part is the acceptance of how alone you truly are now.
The person who did it to you has probably also moved on.

You have you.
Make sure you do all you can to make YOURSELF better and don’t let anyone scare you, hurt you, or make your mental state worse. At the end of the day, they don’t have your nightmares. They will sleep like a baby.


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