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What happened to you, happened to you. Not anyone else. Other people could have been effected. But no one will ever understand. Maybe, while you're physically broken and still have bruises people will be angry about what happened. They will be nice to you. Be kind to you. Not push your triggers. Pay attention to... Continue Reading →


I’m an onion.

I talked before about about PTSD having so many layers. Its not just simply "fear" its so much. It comes and it goes. I'm watching Dancing With The Stars, and it hits me. That layer starts to peel back, that dark cloud comes. I cant write what happened in my head. It's very graphic and... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you something. I used to have a best friend. Probably and literally inseparable for 7 or so years. I was with her so much I called her my boyfriend. She was my laughter, my joy, my stability. I could always count her on her to be here for me. We were inseparable.... Continue Reading →

Steps and stockholmes.

I used to have stockholmes syndrome. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. For your brain to think that you're in love with the person who tried to kill you. That you belong to him. You can't explain it and you know how terrible it is, but you can't make yourself wake up from... Continue Reading →

“You used to..”

Its very hard when those three words pop up. And if you suffer from PTSD, esp if its not military related when people don't try understand as much as they would for that person, you understand what i'm talking about without explaining myself. After surviving something so traumatic that it physically changes YOUR BRAIN, its... Continue Reading →

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