Ill tell you what this mouth can do.

title: the beginning of a very very open, honest, and raw piece i wrote. Then deleted, because I am trying to hold onto some of the good person I was. But the title will stay in reminder to myself on how angry I truly am. PTSD-YES. YES. YOU WILL TALK ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME.... Continue Reading →


Steps and stockholmes.

I used to have stockholmes syndrome. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. For your brain to think that you're in love with the person who tried to kill you. That you belong to him. You can't explain it and you know how terrible it is, but you can't make yourself wake up from... Continue Reading →

“You used to..”

Its very hard when those three words pop up. And if you suffer from PTSD, esp if its not military related when people don't try understand as much as they would for that person, you understand what i'm talking about without explaining myself. After surviving something so traumatic that it physically changes YOUR BRAIN, its... Continue Reading →

Divine Intervention.

One of the most important posts ill ever make: Lets talk about God for a minute. Growing up backstory: Christian. I've been in church since i was in the womb. I was raised in a very christian family with very christian strict parents that i always rebelled against. you know, typical. God was my best... Continue Reading →

“Its always open!”

How do you forget to finish all the episodes of a show your binge watching! Ill rewind, no pun intended: After the incident i coped by binge watching. Not in a healthy way at all. I didn't leave me room other than my rehabilitation on my hand 3 times a week. I went through all... Continue Reading →

What makes you happy?

Disney World makes me happy. I go and all my troubles melt and my PTSD takes a nap. I will struggle a bit with crowds and the distance driving and things like that. They gave me a pass so I dont have to wait in most of the lines. I wouldn't be able to go... Continue Reading →

Lets go there.

Lets cross that super social sensitive line that gets people all worked up on Facebook. MARIJUANA. Yes. This bs right here is such a catch 22. I understand that it is amazing. It helps cancer patients cope with the pain. I understand that it helps people with physical injuries feel better. I get that it... Continue Reading →

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